Happy Thanksgiving

10 Thanksgiving Traditions


 Looking to start a tradition at Thanksgiving? Here's some traditions

you may be interested in doing.

 1. Start the day with an indulgent, relaxing breakfast. Try an annual pie breakfast.

 2. Take time for yourself before time with family. Take an early nature walk with

friends or children.

3. Remember loved ones who have passed.

Circle of Love - Hold hands in a circle of sorts and remember lost loved ones.

 4. Butcher Paper tablecloth.

Cover the table with butcher paper and have people write down things they're

thankful for on the paper.

5. Let everyone toast!

Make gratitude a shared experience by letting each person make a thankful toast.

6. Have the kids serve dessert.

Allow the kids to be part of the fesitive season by taking orders

for dessert and serving them to each guest.

7. Have Thanksgiving dinner for dinner.

Most people serve Thanksgiving in the early afternoon; why not

serve it at dinner time. Some people feel it slows the day down and

makes the morning and afternoon more enjoyable.

8.Take a long walk after dinner.

9. Just the two of you?

Make it special by spending time together in the kitchen.

10. Stay connected with friends and family far away.

Facetime each other and share the day.  

 Hope this will help some people create new and lasting memories!

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